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School Testimonials

D. Scott Looney, Head of School, Hawken School (OH)

"I have been working with ASSIST for almost 25 years, at two different schools, and have been thrilled with the caliber of student they provide, and the personalized approach they take to making sure each student/school match is good. ASSIST has been terrific in partnering with our school to ensure that the experience of the visiting student, as well as the host school, is as productive and positive as possible. Hawken is deeply enriched by having the ASSIST students provide a global perspective both in the classroom and in our co-curricular program. I can't imagine our school without the benefit of the ASSIST students."

Brent Bell, Head of School, Darlington School (GA)

"The Darlington community has benefited tremendously from the presence of all of the ASSIST students who have attended here over the years. We truly value our partnership with ASSIST, and appreciate greatly their desire to help us find students who fully embrace our mission."

Charles Cahn III, Headmaster, Suffield Academy (CT)

“ASSIST students make a memorable impact on Suffield Academy each year. Our community is enriched by the positive spirit and the many talents of our ASSIST Scholars. Suffield has long valued its relationship with ASSIST and enthusiastically supports the organization's great work.”

Suzanne Walker Buck, Rector, Chatham Hall (VA)

"I first learned about ASSIST nearly 20 years ago when I began my career in independent school admission work. I remember reading the applications of our then ASSIST scholars. They demonstrated enormous academic aptitude, talent in athletics or arts, concern for others, and an eagerness to engage in the school community and the world at large. Could these students possibly be as impressive as they appeared on paper? The answer was and continues to be yes! Now, as a head of school, I appreciate not just the remarkable qualities that individual ASSIST scholars bring, but also their impact holistically within our school environment. ASSIST scholars are agents of action. They immerse themselves into the fabric of school and community life. They embrace the opportunities that boarding schools provide. In addition to sharing their cultural diversity, ASSIST scholars model for their peers the exceptional qualities that we seek to foster in all of our students."

Arnold E. Holtberg, Eugene McDermott Headmaster, St. Mark's School of Texas (TX)

"Since 1995, St. Mark’s School of Texas has had a very productive relationship with ASSIST. Each and every student who has come to the School through the program has been an excellent match. To a young man, each ASSIST exchange student has been a scholar and a contributing member of our community. Moreover, the diversity of talents expressed by ASSIST students has enriched St. Mark’s life in immeasurable ways. Through ASSIST, our students and faculty have developed a greater appreciation for the shrunken globe while developing relationships that will endure. We could not be more pleased."
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