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Host Family Testimonials

The Ramirez Family, Texas

“While I was in Germany visiting Philipp’s family, they expressed such profound gratitude to me for having served as a host family because they said without people like me the program was impossible. I hadn’t quite thought of it like that because to me, being a host family was just one of the greatest things that our family ever did.”

The Leach Family, California

“Our experience was a model of the best experience anyone could have. As the weeks progressed, I marveled how we all got along; Larissa’s stay with us was seamless. I honestly felt she had grown up with us as family. We simply merged into a harmonious whole. Recently her parents came and stayed with us for three weeks and once again we were amazed to discover that we had become one large family on two continents. We are very grateful to ASSIST for bringing us together.”

The Reddy Family, Ohio

“Our experience as a host family was extremely gratifying. Our ASSIST student was clearly thoughtfully chosen and was well prepared to spend a year in a foreign culture. All in all, a wonderful experience for her and a wonderful experience for our family. She will be forever in our hearts.”

The Baker Family, Pennsylvania

“Our family experience was a positive experience and one we hope to indulge in again in the future. Diego will always be a part of our family. No matter the time that passes, he will always be welcome home and we hope to visit his home in Spain someday. My middle son really took to Diego and they will forever be friends and brothers. We miss him already!”

The Marshall Family, Illinois

“Our family is a better family with Quyen. We eat together almost every night and have interesting conversations about Vietnam and Chicago and all those weird cultural things most Americans take for granted.”
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