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Requirements of Membership

A school must meet the following requirements and responsibilities to become a member school and to host ASSIST Scholars:

  • ASSIST member schools must be full members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).
  • ASSIST staff and/or Board members will undertake a campus site visit. ASSIST representatives visit prospective member schools to fully discuss what the program offers and what is expected of each member school. In our experience, engaging in an open dialogue that fully explains the comprehensive relationship between ASSIST and member schools leads to strong partnerships that last for many years.
  • Returning schools reenroll annually in the fall. After reenrollment, ASSIST will send membership offers to prospective schools based on ASSIST capacity and on the projected size of the applicant pool.
  • Each member school is responsible for an annual membership fee. This fee provides access to all ASSIST programs and support. In 2017/18, the annual fee is $750.
  • Member schools offer at least one full scholarship and reserve a place for an international student identified and placed by ASSIST. The scholarship must include:
    • tuition, room and board for a boarding student;
    • tuition and a volunteer host family for a day student.
  • We ask that schools attempt to eliminate or limit additional expenses that are burdensome to scholarship students. Examples include enrollment fees, technology fees and comprehensive fees.
  • All personal expenses are the responsibility of the candidate‚Äôs parents or guardian. Some students receive funding from generous donors to underwrite personal expenses.
  • With guidance from ASSIST, schools recruit and steward volunteer host families for each student.
  • Scholarships are offered for one year only, after which each Scholar must return home to complete his or her secondary education.
  • Member schools designate an administrator or faculty member to serve as the official ASSIST Representative. This individual serves as a liaison between ASSIST and the school, and works with ASSIST to ensure compliance with CSIET standards and Department of State regulations. 
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