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Prospective Schools

We invite your interest in joining ASSIST!

For 48 years, the ASSIST family of member schools has been the foundation of our program. Each school offers at least one scholarship to an ASSIST Scholar, and many schools offer opportunities to multiple ASSIST Scholars. The generosity of each receiving school is matched by the strong contribution of each ASSIST Scholar.

ASSIST welcomes independent day and boarding schools that are full members of NAIS to apply for membership. ASSIST staff and volunteer leaders will visit your campus to discuss the benefits and requirements of joining our family of schools. Our close relationships with member schools is a hallmark of the program.

ASSIST member schools welcome future leaders from around the world into their school communities, and they join the network of ASSIST member schools across the nation.

As you read about the membership application on our website, we also invite you to contact:

Marty Milne
Vice President

Our brochure, Explore becoming an ASSIST School, is available here.

By becoming an ASSIST member school, your student body and campus community will benefit in the following ways:

  • Your school will enroll leading international scholars with significant academic credentials, enlivening classrooms and adding to the vitality of your academic program.
  • ASSIST Scholars will diversify your student body, extending the knowledge of other cultures to students, faculty, host families and members of your community.
  • ASSIST Scholars are not only outstanding academically; they contribute actively to other programs of importance to your school: the arts, social activities, athletics and more.
  • After enrolling a Scholar on full scholarship, member schools are invited to enroll additional talented students on partial scholarships.
  • ASSIST provides careful, personal selection and placement protocols to assure an excellent match between a Scholar and your school. Successful retention of students is a hallmark of the program.
  • ASSIST provides continuous access to full staff support in the U.S., as well as staff overseas to liaise with parents and constituents.
  • ASSIST provides a rigorous orientation and preparation program; ASSIST also manages the J-1 visa application process for member day schools that cannot use the F-1 visa.
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