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ASSIST Representative

We ask each member school to designate an ASSIST Representative from within the school to be the liaison between ASSIST, the school and the host family. The ASSIST Rep is the point person responsible for decisions concerning the ASSIST Scholar’s academic and social well-being during the year. Working together, ASSIST and our school colleagues provide an excellent foundation for the Scholars.

Each ASSIST Representative should be familiar with two important documents that will provide important information about our partnership: Important Understandings for ASSIST Students and Guiding our Partnership. The Guiding our Partnership booklet originates from four sources: our organizational experience of over 44 years; the experiences shared with us by our students, host families, and school colleagues; the regulations of the State Department; and the standards set by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).  You will find helpful information regarding Student Selection, Host Family Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation, as well as Student Acculturation and Support.

Please visit the ASSIST Representative Forms and Documents page for these booklets, as well as many other ASSIST Representative resources.

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