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Scholarship Opportunities

ASSIST scholarships provide an opportunity for a selection of the world’s finest students to study on scholarship for one year in American independent secondary schools of stature. Application for an ASSIST scholarship is competitive, and each candidate is encouraged to pursue other options in addition to ASSIST. Students not selected for a full scholarship might be offered a partial scholarship or an opportunity to attend a member school on a full-paying basis.

For the class of 2016/17, ASSIST conducted competitions in 20 countries on behalf of member schools. Our colleagues and representatives in those countries reviewed the credentials of 1,360 applicants. Of those candidates, ASSIST staff and Board members traveled to interview 770 finalists.

For the 2016/17 academic year, 171 ASSIST students from 19 countries are enrolled at 90 National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) schools. These young people are among the best students in their respective countries, and they are now making substantial contributions to the lives of their campus communities. In the years ahead, they will share their American experience with their friends and family at home, helping to bridge the gaps among cultures and to foster a more peaceful world.

ASSIST offers three programs through which to earn scholarships to study at American independent schools:

Full Scholarships

The student is awarded a scholarship that covers tuition, room and board at a boarding school or tuition and a volunteer host family at a day school. For 2016/17, 88 students were awarded full ASSIST scholarships.

Partial Scholarships

The student is awarded a partial scholarship that covers part of the tuition, room and board at a boarding school or part of the tuition at a day school, with a volunteer host family being identified by the school. For 2016/17, 83 students were awarded partial ASSIST scholarships.

Davis Program Scholarships

Students are awarded a scholarship to study for two or three years at one of four boarding schools that are part of the Davis International Scholars Program. Students earn a diploma from the school and may continue on to study, if accepted, at one of 86 American colleges or universities affiliated with the Program. We anticipate identifying no more than 3 - 5 Davis Scholars during the year ahead.

International students interested in applying for scholarships to study at independent secondary schools in the United States should submit applications through the ASSIST representative in the country where they reside.

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