Today's Scholars. Tomorrow's Leaders.

Why Host?

We invite you to become a part of the ASSIST community and welcome an international scholar into your home. Hosting develops a lifelong friendship with a future international leader, and it develops an understanding and sensitivity to other cultures.

The generosity of our host families has touched generations of ASSIST Scholars, many of whom are still in close contact with their American hosts.

ASSIST Scholars in day schools live with host families full-time, while students in boarding schools enjoy time in American homes on weekends and during the holidays. All host families are volunteers.

By becoming an ASSIST host family, you will be creating a lasting relationship with an international student, learning their culture and history. In addition, you will become part of a lifelong network of ASSIST Scholars, alumni, parents and schools.

Our brochure, Explore becoming an ASSIST host family, is available here.

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