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Host Family Resources

An intercultural homestay is likely to be more positive for both students and hosts if certain features of the experience are carefully thought about in advance. We will share with you some of the knowledge about hosting that we have acquired over 44 years of service and hope that it will enable you to develop realistic expectations; to integrate the ASSIST student into your family so he or she becomes a full-functioning member; to help the ASSIST student to adjust to your culture; to deal effectively with challenging situations that may arise during the year; and to support the ASSIST student and your own family members, as you learn and grow in beneficial ways. 

After being accepted as an ASSIST host family, each family will receive an orientation packet that will include information about ASSIST as well as materials that will help prepare you for hosting your ASSIST student. You will find links to some of these materials below. 

Our experience has been that the hosting experience may not always go smoothly at times and you may find yourselves in need of assistance. While the answers may well be found within your family or your school community, please think of ASSIST as your partner throughout the time the student is in your home. 

We encourage you to work locally first, enlisting the help of the ASSIST Representative at school or other faculty, but please call upon ASSIST as you encounter difficulties for which you are unprepared. Most host family experiences do not requires ASSIST’s help, but please know that we stand ready to help if the situation arises!

The Important Understandings booklets are sent to the incoming class of ASSIST Scholars each year to help them prepare for their year ahead as well as be a reference manual while they are in country. This is ASSIST’s version of a “Student Handbook” that includes important rules, key points, and other information that will help the students prepare for an enjoyable and productive year.

To apply to become a Host Family, click here.

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