Today's Scholars. Tomorrow's Leaders.

Vance Wilson, Headmaster, St. Albans School (DC)

“For the past ten years, the ASSIST program has allowed St. Albans to welcome an outstanding group of diverse young men who have contributed enormously to our community. To a person, the ASSIST scholars have been talented, energetic, and warm, and each has fully integrated himself into our community in his own, distinct way: starting an international club, dominating on the math team, and debating American politics late at night in the dorm. While we hope they have grown from being with us, we know our community has been enriched many times over in return. We’ve been especially heartened by the long-lasting relationships the students have formed, and we are always excited to hear reports of traveling St. Albans students’ visits with their ASSIST brethren. ASSIST has fostered the type of deep understanding teachers desire for all international exchanges.”
Testimonial Date: 
January 27, 2014
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