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How are the Scholars selected?

ASSIST conducts annual scholarship competitions in each of our partner countries. ASSIST representatives in each of these countries review applications and select finalists. Finalists are interviewed in their respective countries by ASSIST staff and Board members.


ASSIST Scholars are selected based on academic record, level of English proficiency, and their ability and instinct to contribute to their American school. To select the 171 Scholars of the class of 2016/17, colleagues in 19 countries reviewed the credentials of more than 1,300 applicants. ASSIST teams traveled to interview more than 700 finalists. From this deep and impressive pool, 88 students were awarded full scholarships, and 83 additional students were awarded partial scholarships.

Do ASSIST Scholars need ESL support?

No. ASSIST administers a test to evaluate the level of English proficiency of most of our candidates. The interview is equally instructive in evaluating the English mastery of our Scholars. ASSIST Scholars are proficient in English.

In which grade are the Scholars enrolled?

The majority of ASSIST Scholars are enrolled in the 11th grade at their American schools; a smaller number are enrolled in the 10th or 12th grades or as postgraduates.

How can we finance the scholarship?

ASSIST member schools utilize numerous models of financing the ASSIST scholarship:

  • If the school has met its enrollment goal, the ASSIST Scholar can be added “extra-budget,” as a non-matriculating, non-degree-seeking student.
  • The ASSIST scholarship can be added as a separate line item in the budget, as both revenue and expense, thereby emphasizing that the cost of the Scholar is revenue neutral unless he or she is taking the place of a full-pay student.
  • The school can identify a generous donor willing to fund or endow the scholarship; someone who is interested in promoting diversity and international engagement.
  • The scholarship can be included in the school’s overall financial aid budget.
How can the school qualify for a partial pay/partial scholarship student?

After a school has accepted one student on full scholarship, ASSIST is generally able to provide another carefully selected Scholar whose family is able to pay approximately half of the tuition. This option is especially attractive to schools that anticipate enrollment openings and that wish to diversify their population with international students.

Can schools choose their exchange student’s home country?

The school may select and rank up to five preferred sending countries. ASSIST staff will use this list as part of our matching process during school placement.

Where do students stay when attending a day school, or during breaks when attending a boarding school?

ASSIST works with member schools to develop successful and proven strategies for host family recruitment. Students live with families for extended periods of time in day schools, or for shorter periods during boarding school breaks. We work with member schools to develop an approach for recruiting host families from within the school’s community. For more information on host families, please visit our host families section

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