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Join us at LEAF in helping to write inspiring stories of leadership

Whether you are a graduate recently returned from an ASSIST or HMC program, a university student, a young professional or an experienced expert here in Slovakia or abroad, we might have some interesting opportunities for you to get involved in aiding Slovakia. 

Who are we?

LEAF is a young Slovak non-profit organization formed to contribute to developing young people with the potential to grow into shapers of the society.  It was founded as a private philanthropic initiative by Slovak businessmen who want to contribute to further progress of our society. LEAF covers several areas including world-class education for high-school students, ‘brain gain’ activities aimed at establishing connections with talented young Slovaks abroad and encouraging and assisting their return home, and development of talented young professionals at work.

Our focus areas

  • Education of students, primarily of high school age
  • Development of young professionals

Projects we are currently preparing

  • Building a high school(s) for talented Central European students. Our goal is to build an educational institution that develops the students’ character, excellence, and drive for change.
  • Development of talented teenage students. Our goal is to identify, network and support the development of the most talented students (13-19 years).
  • Training and developing high school teachers. Our goal is to ensure high quality of select existing teachers and to attract high-potential individuals to teaching.
  • Supporting and motivating young talented Slovaks abroad to return to Slovakia - Slovak Professionals Abroad Program. Supporting Slovaks abroad, connecting them with Slovakia and aiding their return.
  • Developing young professionals in existing and start-up companies. Our goal is to support the quality of programs and environments to develop young professionals.

Visit our website for more information about the many opportunities available!

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