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During the 1969/70 academic year, 13 brave pioneers from Germany became the first ASSIST Scholars as they became members of 11 American independent school campuses. Over the ensuring 44 years, more than 4,300 students representing 50 countries have become ASSIST Scholars.

Our Alumni - Promoting a World View

ASSIST’s alumni are global citizens. They have learned how to navigate across national boundaries, are fluent in multiple languages, and have confident leadership skills. They have returned the gift given many times over to their countries and professions.

A recent survey of ASSIST alumni helps put the gift they received in clearer focus:

  • 98% gave the ASSIST experience their highest value ratings
  • 91% noted the outstanding life-changing impact of their ASSIST year
  • 95% became more independent, 93% gained in maturity and 91% marked gains in cultural awareness
  • Almost 100% received a college degree, and a majority earned graduate degrees
  • Occupations include opera singers, teachers, front-line leaders in nonprofits, members of national/international governing bodies, senior executives, university professors, entrepreneurs, and key players in international consulting groups.

Our Alumni Network

ASSIST alumni are linked through a powerful worldwide network, supported by a restricted access e-community. They help one another to achieve their dreams, help their countries, and make a positive difference in creating change that will lead to generating a deeper appreciation and respect for different cultures and nations.

If you are an ASSIST alum, please select Alumni e-Community to access the worldwide network. You can:

  • Keep your personal information current so that we contact you
  • Be invited to ASSIST events in your country
  • Offer or apply for internships
  • Seek career advice or pursue employment opportunities
  • Ask questions about university applications or support applicants
  • Receive help when moving or traveling (apartment swaps, real estate advice)
  • Support ASSIST by making a financial contribution
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