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U.S. and U.K. University Matriculation

When students complete their ASSIST year, they are expected to return home for a year to share with their peers, families and teachers what they have learned in the United States. Many students consider returning to the U.S. or going to the U.K. for their university studies, and now more than 600 ASSIST Scholars have earned degrees at American and U.K. colleges and universities. The following list represents those institutions that have enrolled four or more ASSIST Scholars, following the completion of their secondary school studies in their home countries.

United States College Enrollment

           U.K. College Enrollment

Harvard University (60) Dartmouth College (8) University of Oxford (38)
Columbia University (23) University of Virgina (6) University of Cambridge (18)
University of California (20) University of Chicago (6) London School of Economics (16)
New York University (21) Furman University (5)  
Yale University (21) Hamilton College (5)  
University of Pennsylvania (18) Lafayette College (5)  
Stanford University (18) Macalester College (5)  
Princeton University (14) University of Richmond (5)  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (13) Northeastern University (5)  
Georgetown University (12) Amherst College (4)  
Johns Hopkins University (10) Bowdoin College (4)  
Mount Holyoke College (10) Bryn Mawr College (4)  
Tufts University (9) Cornell University (4)  
Brown University (7) Duke University (4)  
Vassar College (8) Wellesley College  
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