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Donor Profile - Helen Skoufis

Around the World in 32,850 Days

Helen Skoufis can rightly claim to be a citizen of the world.  Her parents were Polish, she was born and educated in the United States, and through her job and her husband’s work, she lived in almost every corner of the globe. Her first job, at the age of 19, was with the Veteran’s Administration in Washington, DC. At the close of World War II, she was assigned to its office in Paris. For a young woman, one can imagine being in Paris in ones 20s alongside several thousand American veterans seeking to study art in France under the GI Bill (on stipends of $500 a school year for tuition, fees, books, plus a monthly subsistence allowance). 

Soon after Helen arrived at the Embassy in Paris, she met Peter Skoufis, a Foreign Service Officer stationed there. It was indeed love at first sight. They were married, and their life of travel as a couple began. Over the years their postings included:  London, Rome, The Hague, Pretoria, and numerous cities in Eastern Europe, the Near East, and Far East. From 1947 forward, until her husband’s retirement from the Foreign Service and as an Official for the United Nation in 1971, they both lived a full life enriched by the different cultures they stepped inside and by their service to this country and others around the word.

And Helen’s connection to ASSIST?   

Helen and Richard Hall, Chairman of ASSIST’s Board of Directors, became friends in Washington, DC. She admired his work with ASSIST’s mission, and he admired her dedication to internationalism. He said, “Helen was a truly international, elegant woman who could move with grace and poise within very different cultures, and always find a common interest. She mirrored the ASSIST spirit and cause.” Helen died in May 2014. In her estate planning, she made a $25,000 gift to ASSIST that will be placed in our endowment. She did so because she believed that cross-cultural understanding and education lead to a more peaceful world, and that ASSIST’s international Scholars will be among ‘tomorrow’s leaders.’ Helen’s spirit will live on through her gift to ASSIST.

We hope others will follow her example, and that of nine others, and consider a planned gift to ASSIST. Read more about Planned Giving Opportunities and other giving opportunities on the ASSIST website. 

 Declared Members of the Lindfors Society

 Carlyle* and Elizabeth Barnes
Mrs.  Alice Blake*
Mrs.  Elizabeth Ernst Fosbinder*
Richard and Carol Hall
Kenneth and Betsy Lindfors
Timothy and Rhonda McIntire
Mrs.  Peter Skoufis*
J.  Wood Rutter
Andrew and Molly Wooden

* The donor is deceased

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